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PT ENERGI NUSA MANDIRI Bllog Want to discuss your practice in peace.
Want to discuss your practice in peace.


Want to discuss your practice in peace.

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Want to set up a class operation dominated by values ??of mutual assistance and cooperation, where each teacher and student feels safe and calm. Want to discuss your practice in peace. Contact: To register southwest 2018 course registration 1 attachment In the class of Florence Albin By Margaret Gomez 07/02/18 – 24:45 In Region Southwest> GD 33 – Gironde Gr testimony Images in class Cycle 2 Florence Albin in Listrac-Medoc (Gironde 33) on 16 and 21 March 2017 period.

30 – pictures and editing: Margaret Gomez children Lyrics class (0:22) 1 comment Meeting GD33 By Jean-Luc Bellue the 06/10/17 – 10:54 In: Southwest> GD 33 – Gironde Meeting dates: 28/04/18 ( day) Location: Floirac – in the class of Floriane, PC Add comment Meeting GD33 by Jean-Luc Bellue the 10/06/17 – 10:52 in: Southwest> GD 33 – Gironde Meeting dates: 03 / 03/18 (day) Location: in Sablons Guitres – in the class of Mary, cycle 1 Add comment Meeting GD33 by Jean-Luc Bellue on 10/06/17 – 10:51 In: Southwest> GD 33 – Gironde Meeting Dates: 27/01/18 (day) Location: Villandraut – GD + regional meeting SO 1 comment Meeting GD33 By Jean-Luc Bellue 06/10 / 17 – 10:49 in: Southwest> GD 33 – Gironde Meeting dates: 09/12/17 (day) Location: Gradignan – Nathalie class CE2-CM1 a comment Meeting GD33 by Jean-Luc Bellue 06 / 10/17 – 10:48 in: Southwest> GD 33 – Gironde Meeting dates: 10/21/17 (day) Location: Villenave Ornon – Fabienne class CE1-CE2 Add comment meetings GD33 by Jean-Luc Bellue on 10/01/16 – 6:36 p.m. in: Southwest> GD 33 – Gironde dates: 20/05/17 (day) Location: still to be determined class visits, workshops, and preparation GD participation in Congress Add comment 1 2 3 4 5 next> last »
1 to 10 from 26 Results The log kedales # 4 By Leo School Jacquemin on 04/03/19 – 4:13 p.m.

Classede CE1 CE2 CM1 CM2 2018-2019 Add comment 1 attachment The log kedales – Class EC1 CE2 CM1 CM2 Thiefosse (Vosges) for the Ecole Leon Jacquemin 11/02/19 – 10:31 p.m. the 2018-2019 class a comment 1 attachment the Guerlic log by the School Guerledan 26/03/19 – 08: 59 class from 2018 to 2019 Add comment 3 attachments the log Guerlic for School Guerledan on 03/26/19 – 8:53 class from 2018 to 2019 Add comment 3 attachments La Classe! For 2018-2019 Public School St Gabriel 12/11/18 – 8:28 p.m.

CE1-CE2-CM1 2018-2019 Add Comment 20 files attached Moi! For 2018-2019 School Victor Hugo Dunkirk on 11/10/18 – 11:55 p.m. PS 2018-2019 Add Comment 27 attachments The log kedales 3 For the Ecole Leon Jacquemin 11/02/19 – 10:44 p.m. 2018 -2019 Add comment the log kedales # 1 for School Leon Jacquemin on 02/11/19 – 10:40 p.m.

2018-2019 Add new comment 1 attachment the log kedales 2 for School Leo Jacquemin 11/02 / 19 – 10:36 p.m. the 2018-2019 class a comment 1 attachment Guerlic the log 15 for the School Guerledan 20/01/19 – 1:11 p.m. the 2018-2019 class a comment 1 attachment 1 2 3 next> last »
In: Brochures Education Popular New Editions of the Modern French School French magazine for teachers> Scripture-reading teaching Principles> Communication> school newspaper in January 1952 Author: Roger Morales
By Public School St Gabriel 21/11/16 – 10:15 p.m.

Students CE1-CE2 2016-2017 Attachment Size The Class! 0 214.48 Kb The Class! The Class 1 238.28 KB! The Class 2 319.73 KB! 3 900.04 KB The Class! The Class 4 350.7 KB! 5 844.32 Ko Class! 6 896.54 KB The Class! 7 833.8 KB-Class! 8 1.47 MB ??The Class! 9 1.16 MB The Class! 10 1.16 MB The Class! 11 1.04 MB The Class! 12 1.19 MB The Class! 13 1.17 MB The Class! 14 2.57 MB The Class! 15 1.95 MB The Class! The Class 16 2.8 MB! 17 2.19 MB The Class! 18 2.47 MB ??The Class! 19 1.65 MB The Class!

20 1.74 MB The Class! 693.23 KB 21 The Class! 22 1.27 MB The Class! 23 1.35 MB The Class! 24 2.21 MB The Class! The Class 25 1.1 MB! 26 2.07 MB The Class! 27 1.17 MB The Class! 28 1.77 MB The Class! 766.71 KB 29 The Class! 30 1.19 MB The Class! 31 1.74 MB The Class! 32 1.83 MB The Class! 33 2.41 Mb Print Bravo for your diary! By Visitor, 04/06/17 – 5:17 p.m.. What wealth! Your newspaper is full of treasures! I love it! I’ll show it to my PC for students who published them, but only on paper.

Bravo for this job! Isabelle, CP mistress Noiseau, Val-de-Marne Thank you, it makes me very By Visitor, 06/18/17 – 11:44 p.m.. Thank you, it makes me very happy! If you have them in print, simply scan them to put them online, it’s really easy! And like that, we can share, that’s really nice.

Celine FTJ By Visitor, 06/16/17 – 16:00. Hello I deal FTJ and I found in your newspapers 2 interesting themes to make FTJ. In your diary 24: horse therapy. In your diary 27: rugby.

Would you agree to do FTJ? If so, I take care of the model and ask you what is missing. See you soon. Monique Monique Yes of course! I For Visitor, 18/06/17 – 11:41 p.m.. Yes of pay for uni assignment
course Monique! I’m not very good at responding quickly, but I promise that I make in the first week of July! Celine
In: For teachers free magazine in September 2018 Review of the Second degree sector Mammoth (2) releases his nose before the fall to a reflexive return!

Mammoth A review working his second degree Guidance on the Board, practical work plan and Freinet in history and geography, evoking the pleasure to meet and many other things … Good reading add a comment
1 to 10 from 32 Results The New Educator No.

137 In: The New Educator PEMF For teachers review> Summary Teaching techniques Philosophy> debate in March 2002 More The New Educator No. 175 In: The New Educator PEMF For Teachers review> summary Philosophy teaching techniques> debate in January 2006 the practice of philosophical debates at school, cycle 2 and 3 publications GLEM in: teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group for teachers review French> oral language Philosophy of Life cooperative class citizenship teaching techniques> debate in January 2003 Author: CPE Learn more Site kindergarten No.

7 in: Congress a grade> kindergarten kindergarten Site for teachers review French> Scripture-reading> write- graphics Math Philosophy teaching techniques> time management Techniques Learning> What’s new? June 2000 Site Kindergarten No.

3 In: Day (s) ICEM study of a grade> Kindergarten Kindergarten Site For teachers journal Philosophy teaching techniques> free text> Album children educational principles> rights children Movements> Freinet movement> publication (s) in June 1999 more in Pedagogy and metaphysics: the Educator CEL for teachers journal philosophy June 1961 … Patent in philosophy: the chronic Educator for teachers review philosophy November 1965 Author: Elise Freinet New Educator No.

17 in: rights> rights of the International children’s Educator New PEMF for teachers review> summary Languages> Esperanto philosophy teaching principles> cooperation Movements> movement Freinet> FIMEM March 1990 Romania Authors: Catherine Mazury, Emilia Ietzia, Jean-Robert GHIER Jocelyne Foot, M arguerite Bialas, Roger and Teresa Ueberschlag Lefeuvre More From the expression in: creations PEMF For students For teachers review Arts> Visual Arts Philosophy pedagogical principles> cooperation pedagogical principles> term-creation in October 2003 creations 108 – live in Garden – published in September-October 2003 philosophical contribution Nicolas Go Author: Industry Arts and Creations more violence in Folder: Company> violence Breach CEL for teachers journal Philosophy June 1981 YOU SAID: “vIOLENCE”? Authors: Claude Charbonnier, Fernande Landa Michel Mellan and Roger Sebert More 1 2 3 4 next> last »
By Catherine Chabrun the 14/02/19 – 24:01 In: Gr.

New Educator news magazine The Freinet extramural The New Educator No 241 educational journal ICEM-Freinet, in February 2019 In this issue on social pedagogy “Some authors like Erwan Redon Jean Astier will examine the question of the possible application or not of social pedagogy in the institution. In addition, the texts of Marie-Eve ??Thivillier or Nathalie Espana speak of shock and confrontation school practices with practical “outside the walls”, related to the New Education. Gabriel Ott looks meanwhile the inextricable link that exists between education and social inclusion of insecurity phenomena; while Victoria Zorraquin and Josiane Gunther highlight the political dimension of applied research in this pedagogy. Xavier Niquevert questions rather the inspiration of social pedagogy in sharing practices at the edge of the economy and Sophie Audigier poses it, the more geographical issue of adaptation principles “outside the walls” of social pedagogy .

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